What the judges said...

What the judges thought of Tredegar's performance at the Albert Hall

Second place: Tredegar (Ian Porthouse)

Some minor intonation issues in the opening entrance.

A bit more brilliant style in the melody lines would have helped.

Some impressive sounds here, great technique and attention to detail

Andante excellent & calmfull link into the waltz.

Great cornet playing

F – minor slip in euphonium, great attention to detail for flow and phrase

Piu mosso – extremely controlled

82 – great atmosphere – a musical vibraphonist

Vigoroso – excellent style

I – the perfect balance of technical perfection and good flowing bigger picture

Love Story: So beautifully shaped – finally some tenderness – bravo band and super flugel

2 before M – intonation, so signing euphonium

N – perfectly shaped – percussion better balanced, can’t hear vibes and marimba

Sonore: perfect band sound – Agitato works well, even if it was a bit overdone it made the perfect link into a marvelous pp!

9 – magical touch here – bravo. 64 – Bravo Mr Soprano!

R – your take some risks and it works - Beautiful slow music

Jazz: Great style and so detailed in the lower brass

Great ff

You’ve nailed this Gallery – so emotional at the end – Magic!

T – excellent technique, U works well, love the ‘dolce’ in the solo euphonium

Pages 40 – 48 – technically superior to anything we’ve been hearing today

Z – so stylish. 142 can hear the detail! (semi quavers)

Grandioso: Impressive sounds – what a trombone section

EE – Mr Euphonium sings again, adds a lovely touch to this amazing band sound

FF – So beautiful – masters at work here – rich and powerful

You’ve nailed this Gallery – so emotional at the end – Magic!

Bravo band and conductor -

Nothing wrong on my radar – this was a sheer delight to listen to.

Luc Vertommen

ENTRANCE:  A lovely entrance into the gallery

BARRAS: Well crafted, such space and clarity

Such fine attention to detail

ANDANTE – a lovely conclusion leads into..

SKATER’S: Bravo cornet & eup & sop. Great contrast at 57 in every sense

83 – VIBES not totally convinced, benefit of doubt.

I – a little bit edgy

CODA – would love a longer pause and NIENTE

OLD COUPLE: Nice to start but them becomes a little “edge of the seat” (pity)

21 – GLOCK seems a shade aggressive for p.

O – nice warm sounds

P – well directed

43 has nice peaceful style – good link into Q

64 – Well done soprano

R – great conclusion

CUT-OUTS: Great dynamic control

T – super dialogue

U – balance could be better ‘p’ for some!

V – great ensemble (slight mishap at 80)

Excellent accuracy. BB & 142 FF & FFF perhaps contrast could be better

Magnificent as we climb Ben Lomond

LANDSCAPES: Powerful, panoramic picture in sounds.

Great dynamic range

FF – Lovely tenor trombones with carillon sounds. Magnificent as we climb Ben Lomond

Thank you

Phillip McCann

1. Excellent start

2. Fine tempo so detail is there within music – the solo cornets could have been tidier at the start – but whole piece has a unity that carries

3. Nicely judged by the conductor and soloist – just one sticky moment for the euph – otherwise confident and assured.

5. Lovely work all round. Tender and gentle!

It comes through to an astounding climax

6. Exciting tempo chosen, but the band handles it -0 it gives a certain trouble after T but more virtuosity follows

7. Surprisingly jolly for Grandioso but there are more way etc. It comes through to an astounding climax

Thank you!

Howard Snell

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