Tredegar remains firmly in banding elite

Latest World Rankings sees Tredegar firmly placed amongst the very best bands on the planet

The latest World Rankings sees Tredegar maintain its position as one of the world’s elite contesting performers.

Following the recent series of Regional Championship events and the Butlins Mineworkers Championship in the UK, as well as the Norwegian National Championships in Europe, the band sits in sixth place – maintaining its position it has held in the top 10 since 2010.

World Top 10:

The top 10 bands in the world as of April 4th 2018 are:

1. Cory (Wales)
2. Brighouse & Rastrick (England)
3. Eikanger Bjorsvik (Norway)
4. Valaisia (Switzerland)
5. Black Dyke (England)
6. Tredegar (Wales)
7. Whitburn (Scotland)
8. Foden’s (England)
9. Grimethorpe Colliery (England)
10. Flowers (England)

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